Region 12 Masonic Education


The Region 12 Masonic Education Taskforce consists of Education Officers and a newly raised Master Mason from Region 12 along with the District Grand Inspector of Workings and representatives from the Masonic Education Committee and the Training and Development Committee of the Board of Management.

Recent statistical information has confirmed that many lodges are not meeting the needs and wants of recently raised Master Masons. The task of the District Education Committee is to provide resources and train and encourage Lodge Education Officers in their roles and responsibilities. There is an identifiable need for the creation of current and relevant masonic education materials that tackles the issues of Masons in 2008 is paramount in our task.  It is easy to trivialize the size of the task at hand as it is immense with the opportunity for success being equally immense.

Our 5 year plan is to grow a Lodge Education Taskforce from scratch. The committee will be identifying future leaders from emerging Freemasons in our District. In the preliminary stages some knowledgeable Masons will commit, for a number of years, to train up new lodge education leaders. It is anticipated that in a couple of years that they will, in turn, be ready and equipped to do the same.

In order to achieve this goal the District Education Officer will be using training modules from Certificate III in Active Volunteering.  Areas of training provided will include leadership, modelling high standards of performance management, enhancing the image of the organisation and communicating/influencing.

Further assistance will be provided to Lodge Education Officers and Mentors through “A Guide for Training Volunteers”, an excellent resource material for Education Officers and Mentors, issued by the National Volunteer Skills Centre and funded by the Federal Government.

Brethren, If the Masonic Philosophy is not at the center of Freemasonry then we end up with a ceremony that is simply entertainment for those watching. Our ceremonies cannot compete with lavish theatrical productions or rock concerts. Every Mason needs to teach another mason about the philosophy of Freemasonry. For over two hundred years it has been an appealing way of life. We may not be able to change the attitudes of members who are fearful of change and new ideas but we will provide every opportunity for those who seek assistance to progress their masonic formation.

By taking part you will understand more fully the key ideas, people, and events that have helped to shape contemporary Freemasonry;

  • You will become more skilled in the critical evaluation of ideas, both their own and those of others, from a Masonic perspective;
  • Be able to communicate more effectively what Freemason’s  believe, and why we believe it, especially in dialogue with those whose opinions may differ from yours;
  • You will be able to value truth, no matter where it is found, and be able to integrate a coherent picture of truth from multiple sources;
  • More fully appreciate what it means to live as a respected Freemason in society.

In order to tackle the issue of Masonic Education we need to start re-inforcing with the idea that the journey of a Freemason is not an individual path but a shared journey. In doing so we will be attempting to train our members into the future builders and leaders of Freemasonry in our organisation and the community.

The information on the Region 12 Masonic Education website has been sourced from documents issued under authority of the Board of Management of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.