Region 12 Masonic Education


The following resources are available in [PDF] format through your Lodge Education Officer:

Masonic Education


  • EAF Masonic Education Book
  • EAF Masonic Mentoring Book
  • EAF Lodge Walkabout (Ceremonial)
  • FCF Masonic Education Book
  • FCF Masonic Mentoring Book
  • FCF Lodge Walkabout (Ceremonial)
  • MM Masonic Education Book

Short Lodge Talks

  • Square and Compasses
  • Background to Todays Lodge
  • Three Great Lights
  • Symbols in Masonry
  • Volume of the Sacred Law
  • Innovation and Change
  • Noble Orders of Architecture
  • Furniture of a Lodge
  • Three Great Pillars
  • Winding Stair and Middle Chamber
  • Perfect Ashlar
  • Ecclesiastes 12 Exposed
  • Tenets of Freemasonry

District 124 Supplementary Masonic Education Resources

  • EAF District 124 Masonic Education Program Book
  • EAF Reference Reading Materials
  • FCF District 124 Masonic Education Program Book
  • FCF Reference Reading Materials
  • MM District 124 Masonic Education Program Book
  • Reference Reading Materials

District 124 Lodge Education Officers Training Materials

  • A Guide for Training Volunteers (Part A)
  • A Toolkit for Training Volunteers (Part B)
  • Appendix to Toolkit for Training Volunteers (Part B)

Career Management

  • Career Management Book 1 – “Why Career Management”
  • Career Management Book 2 – “How do I know what I’m capable and interested in?”
  • Career Management Book 3 – “How do I set up a plan to develop the necessary skills?”
  • Career Management Book 4 – “How do I find opportunities and get the Job?”
  • Planning your Career

Vocational Development

  • Operate a Personal Computer
  • Using Business Equipment
  • Using a Computer Basics
  • Produce Simple Word Processed Documents
  • Produce Retail Financial Reports
  • Creating a Productive Workplace Environment
  • Mastering Workflow – 5 Phases
  • Administer Projects
  • Communicating at Work
  • Communicate with Clients and Colleagues
  • Work in a Legal and Ethical Framework
  • Administer Human Resources

Community and Lodge Development

  • Create Links with the Community
  • Develop Community Resources
  • Story Circle Resource Kit
  • Be an Effective Volunteer

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